Legacy Montana is a group of 50 nonprofit organizations working together to inspire you to remember your favorite nonprofits in your will.

Montana is a very special place to live. Many people volunteer regularly and give financially to the nonprofit groups of their choice. When they’re gone, their support is sorely missed. By leaving a legacy through a gift in your will, you can continue to help organizations that are making an important difference.

In the years ahead, over $10 trillion nationally will be inherited by middle-aged children from their elderly parents. Along with this tremendous transfer of wealth, a small percentage of money will be given to charitable organizations for research, special projects or simply as gifts. To help interested people leave some part of their estate to charity, a local effort called Legacy Montana is being organized to encourage bequests or planned giving by people from all walks of life.

Legacy Montana promotes interest in charitable giving through a will or from an estate. Legacy Montana works hand in hand with nonprofit groups including social service and other philanthropic groups to encourage this activity.

Charitable, public nonprofit groups play an important role in our community, making it a better place – providing food, shelter, medical attention; improving economic conditions; nurturing a healthy environment; entertaining, enriching, educating; giving joy, love and hope. These special organizations need financial help from people like you to continue this community service.

You may regularly volunteer or give to nonprofits, but when you’re gone, your support will be sorely missed. By leaving a gift in your will you ensure that your wishes for a better community will be followed.

In Montana, a tax credit is available for gifts to qualified endowments. Please ask your financial or legal advisor about other tax benefits of planned giving.

When you participate in Legacy Montana, you make sure that help continues to be there for those who need it.